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What Is The S.L.A.Y Method?

The S.L.A.Y Method is based on a periodization model that goes beyond just the food you put in your body. We take a holistic approach to your nutrition and overall wellness by assessing a multitude of lifestyle factors such as stress, hormone health, gut health, and our bodies responsiveness to the way we fuel it. This allows us to get a true grasp of the factors contributing to your success or lack thereof.

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Setting Up For Success

We work together to perfect the basics- sleep, stress management, hydration, consistent eating habits, and regular exercise. These habits are made to last and help accelerate your progress.


Leveling Up Your Metabolism

Ensure that your metabolism is working FOR you and not against you. By dialing in your lifestyle and habits we can streamline the process and set you up to sustain the results beyond this program.


Achieving Your Goal

This is where we put all of your newly refined habits to work. We make intentional and thoughtful changes to your plan as we work towards your ultimate goal. 


Your Goal

SUCCESS! You have reached your goal and we phase you into your new normal and ensure you have the tools and education to maintain your new found results.


We view our health as an investment, not a purchase. Let us take the guesswork out of it and simplify nutrition for you. Our goal for you is that you won't have to diet ever again!* We will teach you the tools and knowledge to be successful and confident in food choices that fuel you and help you become successful.

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