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Nutrition Coaching

Learn how to finally achieve balance and sustainability within your nutrition and fitness through non-restrictive, personalized, macro-based nutrition coaching! 

Are you tired of cutting out your favorite foods and spending countless hours working out just to see little or no results? Maybe you struggle to find balance and control within your diet. Or maybe you're looking for guidance with what proper fuel looks like for your body and lifestyle.

We have been there and are here to help you find the success you are so deserving of!

What To Expect

  • A non-restrictive macro profile that fits your goals and your lifestyle. This is a personalized breakdown of carbs, proteins, and fats to eat every day.

  • Judgment-free suggestions for supplements, recipes, and proper fuel fit to YOUR lifestyle. We meet you where you are and come up with a plan that makes sense for YOU!

  • Weekly check-ins regarding your food quality, hunger cues, energy levels, digestion, sleep, stress, and more to ensure your body as a whole is functioning at optimal levels.

  • Access to us via call, text, email in addition to monthly video chats.

  • Access to our private FB community for added support and extensive bonus resources to help you succeed.

Our approach to coaching goes beyond just the food you put in your body. We take a holistic approach to your nutrition and overall wellness and assess a multitude of lifestyle factors such as stress, hormone health, gut health, and our body's responsiveness to the way we fuel it. This allows us to get a true grasp of factors that are contributing to your success or lack





















Through lots of trial and error, personal experience, and extensive education we have learned that the key to success is finding BALANCE. Through all of life's seasons! This means not having to pass on nights out with friends for drinks and dinner, getting to enjoy family pizza night, and finally feeling in control of your food choices!

We view our health as an investment, not a purchase. Let us take the guesswork out of it and simplify nutrition for you. Our goal for you is that you won't have to diet ever again!* We will teach you the tools and knowledge to be successful and confident in food choices that fuel you and help you become successful. 



My name is Cara and I am a certified nutrition coach, personal trainer, mom, and wife. I hit a point in my training career where I was disappointed when I would see my clients working so hard in the gym with their workouts and not getting the results they were wanting to achieve. I wanted to help. I'm about science, sustainability, and real results.  My approach is to coach the whole person toward a more healthy lifestyle.  We don't only look at food but also examine sleep, hormones, stress, and inflammation. My goal is to positively impact lives and help transform the toxic industry to be something that helps real people with sustainable results. 



And I'm Taylor, a certified personal trainer and group fitness coach with a Bachelors in Exercise Science, specializing in Fitness & Nutrition. My passion for health and fitness started at a young age with my love for sports. When the time came to pick a major, Sport Science seemed like the obvious choice. I've been so blessed to be able to pair my education and love for helping others into a career.  I live by the 80/20 rule myself. 80% of my diet is filled with nutrient-dense food that genuinely makes me feel good and 20% of my diet is whatever I feel like! Finding this freedom with food has allowed me to find success in my personal health goals without sacrificing the other parts of life that fill my cup and make life worth living!

Your Coaches

Hear From Some Of our Clients

Portrait of a Senior Man

The program has made an incredible difference.  Cara encourages a “balance and healthy approach.” On the nutritional side, I’ve not only learned what to eat, but to eat more consistently and in what portions. I’ve learned about the role rest and sleep plays in recovering. For a guy who generally knows one speed, a lot of what she told me sounded counter-intuitive. You have to trust the process. When I get off-track, she readily pulls me back in. She’s honest, but only in an extremely kind and supportive way. She genuinely wants the best for you.  

Wayne NC

Nutritional coaching with Cara is a different approach completely.  It is all about sustainable.  It is amazing accountability and help in targeting small and large changes to be successful in establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I don't have to feel hungry all the time, miss girl's nights, skip date nights, or even just miss a great brunch with friends.  It is about awareness and small changes to see lasting changes.

Erin TX

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